MIODRAG KRNJEVAC 196_ Kraj Morave – Serbian folk songs from ex Yugoslavia


Izvanredno Jugotonovo izdanje iz nekih 60-tih godina Jugoslavije sa virtuozom na harmonici Miodragom Krnjevcem.

Virtuoso from Serbia and Yugoslavia Miodrag Krnjevac on accordion in these pearls of folk music.


Aca Krnjevac was one of the chromatic accordion specialists. He became a professional performer in the late 1920’s. Among the best known of the next generation is Miodrag Todorovic Krnjevac, Aca Krnjevac’s son. Born in 1924, he played in a similar style (folk and variety music) to his father, and later wrote a book about the accordion.The diversity of music differs in various ethnic regions. In Slovenia, the music is typical of that of the Alps; Waltzes and Polkas. In Macedonia, there is a richness of irregular rhythms, possibly due to an Oriental influence. Accordion tuition is growing, and there are a number of well respected accordionists in this part of the world. Teaching exists in schools, usually based on classical music. Folk music has retained the use of accordions, using the same traditional melodies and harmonies as they were thirty years ago.


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