Peva VLAHO PALJETAK 192_ – Vlaho Paljetak sings for you chansons

Vlaho Paljetak was a Croatian composer (1893–1944). He was born in Dubrovnik in the Austro-Hungarian Empire which is now part of modern Croatia. Vlaho was educated in Arbanasi (near Zadar) and worked as a teacher in Hvar and Vis. He studied singing and violin and was a self-taught guitarist. For a time he was a member of a small orchestra in Split which was run by Jakov Gotovac and Ivo Tijardovic.

He went to Zagreb where he wanted to become an operatic tenor.

Vlaho started to compose songs and chansons. He recorded 60 songs, amongst them are: The Blue Adriatic Sea, From One Beautiful Night, Under the Old Cypress Trees, Adio Mare, Fala (music to Dragutin Domjanic’s poem) and Marijana  (co-authored with S. Sisic).


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