GINO BORDIN Virtuose de la guitare Hawaiienne from the 30-ties

Nešto zaista prelepo  a to je muzika francuskog virtuoza na havajskoj gitari iz 30-tih godina prošlog veka. Čovek se zove GINO BORDIN i svirao je havajku na neverovatan način. Skinite njegove remasterovane snimke i pročitajte malo o njemu ako volite stvarno nešto pšotpuno novo na ovom blogu. da bi ste to uradili idite


Gino Bordin [1899-1977] was born on 4th February 1899 in Vicenza, in the north east Italy. His eldest brother led an orchestra in which Gino played the musical saw and sometimes harp-guitar acquired from Luigi Mozzani, at Cesta. There he struck up a friendship with the prodigy Mario Maccaferri.

His name first appeared beside that of Michel Péguri, an accordionist, on a Perfectaphone disc where the record label showed “ banjo : Gino Bordin”. Although he later abandoned this banjo for guitar and Hawaiian guitar, he continued to play with musette accordionists until the end of his career. . . . . . .


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