3 thoughts on “DUŠAN JANKOVIĆ CAKA (ODEON A192598) 78rpm

  1. Hi! I’ m looking for the album Sa Starog Rezača 1980 but the link is broken in your blog. I would like to hear that , I’ m specially looking for the las track with Olga Jevtic in voice. She moved to Argentina (my country) in the late 59 ‘ s and made great records! Thanks for all, your blog is amazing!

  2. Hi!

    I introduce myself, my name is Victor Tapia. I’m a music journalist from Argentina and I’m looking for some jazz albums that I think can help me find. It’s Udruženje Jazz Muzičara Beograd Osnovano 1953, I’m particularly looking for the EP Sa Starog Rezača (1946-1952.) To listen to the Night And Day song sung by Olga Jevtic. She then moved to Argentina in the late 1950s and made several records under the pseudonym OLga Lee (here are several records that I have digitized with a friend: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLpb4FOesF-1GoDrWOwwTRVgwr_QEba1AA ). From now on I thank you very much if you can send me a link to hear these recordings. Thank you!

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